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CEO Greeting

A society where carers and
pets live healthy and happy lives,

I'll be a veterinarian's companion,

2019 CusterMedi, a subsidiary animal hospital of Chungnam National University
known for its orthopedic specialization Based on years of research by medical staff and
actual clinical grafting experience. With the recent development of science and technology,
the medical device industry continues to grow. The evolution of 3D printing is accelerating,
and 3D printing can be done individually with existing technology. We can make difficult products,
and we can make them reflect the characteristics of the patient. The area of use is expanding.

In particular, orthopedic 3D printed patient-specific surgical guides are designed to help you:
It increases the accuracy and convenience of the surgery compared to the actual surgery,
and the clinical workforce increases the patient's level of accuracy and convenience.
Experience the surgical procedure with model bones in advance,
increasing the success rate of the surgery. Custermedi also plans orthopedic surgery and
designs surgical guides. Developed its own solution to advance 3D printed healthcare services
I'm trying to move forward.

High technology makes society where carers and pets live in health and happiness.
I'll be a veterinarian's companion, CusterMedi.

CustoMedi CEO veterinarian Cho Chung Woon

    Academic background

  • 2019~ During a Ph.D. program at Chungnam National University's College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • 2019 Chungnam National University College of Veterinary Medicine earned a degree in surgery
  • 2014 Graduated from Chonbuk National University's College of Veterinary Medicine and obtained a license to become a veterinarian

    Career and key activities

  • 2019 Establishment of CustoMeid Inc
  • 2018 Korean Medical College of Surgeons and Surgeons Computer-assisted Three-dimensional Planning and Patient-specific Surgical Guide Application for Biapical Radial Angular Deformity in a Malunion Dog Poster Presentation
  • 2018 WVC Advanced Spinal Surgery Level Ⅱ course completion
  • 2018 Spring Conference of the Korean Medical College Computer-assisted Patient-specific Surgical Guide Application for Corrective Osteotomy in Dogs a verbal statement
  • 2018 AO North America Principle in Small Animal Fracture Managspanent
    course completion
  • 2017 ~ 2018 Dedicated to the creation of customized surgery guides for patients at Chungnam National University's affiliated animal hospital
  • 2017 ~ 2018 An animal hospital surgical care to vet work at Chungnam National University.
  • 2014 ~ 2016 A hygienic laboratory animals, Gyeonggi Province, the original suit disease diagnostic team work.