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Introduction of Business

CusterMedi plans to use 3D printing to operate on pet orthopedics.
We've developed our own solution for designing surgical guides.


Domestic 3D Printing to Orthopedic Surgery Introduced Patient-specific Surgery Guide PSG (Patient-Specific Surgical Guide) Technology is in the spotlight.
With our own technology, we'll be able to significantly reduce costs. It's very expensive to build PSGs. problem solving


  • Accessibility to third-party services, affordability, Differentiate in terms of time.
  • Three university hospitals in Korea, two businesses, Linkage of 19 local animal hospitals
  • Representative Ph.D., Orthopedic and Neurology Overseas training, medical patent development experience

Core technology

3D print 3D printing to create realistic bone models based on the patient's CT images,
plus guide tools for surgery By customizing each patient image, you can reduce the error of the incision calibration as much as possible.
  • Parental Diagram of the 1st-ranked dog for the concept of joint disease, dislocation of the leg bone
  • PSG used to cut bones
  • PSG used to rearrange bones

Domestic and Foreign Target Markets

  • domestic and overseas orthopedics
    Veterinary Services
  • 2.2 billion won a year in the domestic market,
    Anticipate 192.5 billion won a year in overseas markets
  • the area of future
    Extending into
    the human sector