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Product Characteristics

For pet orthopedics Surgical guidance (patient psg specific surgical guide) services tailored to the patient.
Manufactured item license no. 234 -001, biocompatibility certification for secondary medical devices (ISO 10093-5, ISO 10093-10)
CusterMedi's patient-specific surgical guides are licensed to manufacture animal medical devices.
Manufactured using biocompatible medical resins with no side effects when applied to the alcohol section during surgery
  • PSG01

    The Surgical Planning of an Orthopedic Veterinary Surgeon
    Design and Simulation Services

    CusterMedi's Surgery Guide service is performed under the supervision of an orthopedic veterinarian for a variety of clinical examples. The surgery planning and design process is conducted through a variety of evaluation procedures. In addition, by providing a separate set of simulated surgery-enabled medical personnel, the potential problems are tested in advance and minimized to increase the success rate of the surgery.
  • PSG02

    The surgical instruments that each hospital has,
    Customize your plate

    Due to the diverse nature of veterinary medicine, it is difficult to fully equip surgical equipment that is commercialized in a hospital. The Surgical Guide of custodi is designed individually to utilize the surgical instruments and orthopedic plates held in the hospital through its own solutions. In the case of surgery-critical instruments, it supports the connection service with the company.
  • PSG03

    Fabrication of simulated surgical bones and
    Guide design patent application

    Unlike the methods used in typical 3D printing, custardy uses homegrown techniques to build surgical guides and mock surgical bones. This guide provides the correctness and convenience of the surgical procedure beyond traditional guides, and the bone for the simulated surgery provides the same experience as performing real orthopedic surgery.